Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Dragon Cards

I have been wanting to make some dragon-themed cards for a while now.  The dragon was the mascot for the school I used to teach at.  I can't tell you how long I have looked for a good dragon stamp set.  You wouldn't think it would be difficult ... but it was.  The few that I found were more "artistic" and mythological.  What I needed was something more fun.  I finally found a set made by Craft Lounge called "Drake the Dragon".  Here's a picture of the stamp set:

Earlier this year I had made some dragon cards using this stamp set to give to some of my old students who were being promoted to middle school.  Here's a picture of the cards:

Here's a close up of one of the cards:

I love to decorate the envelopes so that they match the cards I made.  Here's a picture of the envelopes I made:

Okay, so I decided to take this dragon stamp and work on a set of Halloween cards to sell to the teachers at my old school.  I found a great Cricut cartridge called Paper Doll Dress Up. I have already gotten so much use out of this cartridge.  Here are the mini 3 x 3 Halloween cards I made using this cartridge and the dragon stamp set:

I sold them as a set of 4 cards.  Aren't they cute?  I stamped the dragon out, colored it in and then made the "costume".

I also took my Halloween card that I talked about in a prior post and added a dragon to it.  See below:

Finally, I wanted to make a card that you could put a treat in.  Close to My Heart recently came out with a dragon stamp set called Birthday Blast.  Using our exclusive Art Philosophy cartridge, I made a small "french fry" box - cut at 3" which was just big enough for a mini candy to fit it.  Here's a picture of the card:

If I were to make this candy card holder again, I would put a costume of some kind on the dragon -- maybe a witch's hat.

I am planning on making more dragon themed cards this year -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday, etc.

Thanks for looking!

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