Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Box Using Art Philosophy

I have been having so much making Christmas crafts with my Art Philosophy!!  Today's craft is a Santa Box.  The original inspiration comes from another CTMH consultant.  Here's a link to her blog Catinksit.

First take a look at our little Santa box:

Isn't he just too stinkin' cute!!?!?  Okay, so how did we make him?  Well,  you will need the following colors of cardstock:  White, Cranberry (or Holiday Red or Tulip), and Bamboo.

So I re-did the instructions to make it easier for you to recreate this Santa box. 

Hat Rim:  p. 36  B6  shift - decorative layer - < Shape2 >  1 1/2"
Beard:  p. 66  E6  shift - layer - < Shape5 >  2 1/2"
Mustache:  p. 58 D8  shift - layer - < Tab2 >  2 1/2"
Head:  p. 37  B7 < Shape7> 3 1/2"
Hat Pom Pom:  p. 21 A1 < Circle1 > 1"
Face:  p. 32 B2 < Oval2 > 1 1/2" (Bamboo)
Hat:  p. 28 A8 < Shape11 > 2 1/2" (Cranberry)
Bag:  p. 23 A3 shift - font layer - < Square1 > 5"  (Cranberry)

You will take the beard (which is the flower) and fold it in half.  Also, take 2 of the inside petals and use them as the mustache.

I edged everything in Chocolate.  Then I just used a black pen from our Legacy Writers pen set to draw in his eyes.

I think that covers everything.  Thanks again to Catinksit for sharing her project!

See??  Easy peasy :)

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. yes he is sooo stinkin cute...joy now I HAVE to HAVE that cart!!! lol


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